Spring Hill Hunting Club
of Ripley Ms

We have 35 full time Family Deer Memberships. 12 of the 35 full time deer memberships will be offered to purchase a turkey membership by seniority in the club to the first 12 members that would like a chance to turkey hunt. We offer 5 full time turkey memberships to non deer members to help offset some of the clubs costs. So only 17 hunters will actually hunt turkeys.

All Membership dues are subject to change year to year based on the budget needs of the club and in case the lease charges go up.

First year Family Deer Membership is $1,025.00

Second Year and beyond $875.00

The extra $150.00 for the first year is to help offset the amenites costs.

Deer and Turkey Membership  for 2nd year and beyond is $1,025.00.

Turkey only memberships are $400.00 each.

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